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The Power of Swissx Seeds

On the ground: Swissx Seeds in Action

Participating Co-op Farmers receive FREE Swissx seeds for cultivation of our world-class proprietary Industrial Hemp crops.  The Results?

During field tests with the same SwissX Melon Seed on a licensed cultivation site in the Pacific Northwest, we produced 19,000 lbs. of smokable hemp buds and harvested bio mass on a humble 7 acre plot. The average was 1.35 lb. per plant and 2700 lb. per acre. In addition, the Swissx plants powered through the intense fire season of 2018 mold-free, which the majority of the surrounding growers suffered from. In general 250 lbs of seed or seedlings yields 12,000 lbs per harvest.

Testing Highlights

  • Approximately 2,000 seeds and/or seedlings are used per acre
  • On average, a single plant’s production varies from 2 oz. – 6 lb.of usable flower material or harvested bio-mass. (Variations are due to climate, nutrients, watering and attentiveness to the crop.)
  • In the Caribbean where there is a steady 12 hours of day light year around, farmers can begin planting any season of the year and harvest 3-5 times a year. That means the same 250 lbs of seeds or seedlings planted can easily yield 60,000 lbs per year. Depending on numerous variables the finished product can have several different destinations and values.
  • The lowest value crop a farmer will produce is bio-mass with seeds and stems which currently wholesales at $25 a pound, making the farmer’s cut 50% of $9375 per acre (or $750,000 per acre annually). This kind of crop would be processed through Swissx’s exacting methods to eliminate unwanted compounds, into CBD oil.
  • On the upper end, a successful farming partner will produce trimmed, smokable flower which can wholesale for $600 a lb. The farmer’s cut is 50% $225,000 per acre per year. That’s an astounding $18 mm per acre annually.
  • The material will then be tested, sorted, processed, packaged and marketed through the SwissX brand, who has existing purchase orders with 7-Eleven retail stores, the flagship shop on Hollywood Blvd. and international E-commerce.

Financial Projections for Swissx’s Seed program

Swissx has tested its 1.5 tons of seed and calculated every possible outcome. The total of 51 million seeds is enough to plant almost 15,000 acres. The yield on this once it is all planted, will be as much as 178 million pounds per harvest. Since the Caribbean provides the conditions for multiple year around harvests, that means the 1.5 tons of seed can become almost 900 million pounds of crop per year.

The value of the crop will vary, but on the low end, a years’ crop that was predominately bio mass would still produce over $11 billion. On the high end, with premium flower being harvested, the gross on the 1.5 tonnes of seed would reach over $267 billion annually.

The Details

Tests on the 1.5 tons of seed show 34,337 seeds per lb., making the total lot 51,505,500 seeds. Tests also show an industry high 96% germination rate, meaning 49,445,280 seeds are expected to sprout from the lot. Female to male rations vary from 60-80%, so 29,667,168 seeds from the lot are the more desirable female seed.

Approximately 2000 seeds are used be acre, so 14,834 acres can be planted from the Swissx seed lot. A single plant can produce between 2oz and 6 lbs. of smokable flower material or bio mass. That’s a range of 3,708,396 lbs. to 178,002,960 lbs. per harvest from the 1.5 ton seed lot. Planted in the Caribbean, where the steady day light enables 3-5 harvests a year, that’s a rage of 11,125,188 lbs. to 890,014,800 lbs. of crop annually.

The annual value of this crop can range from $139,064,850 to $11,125,185,00 (if it was predominately bio mass) to $6,675,112,800 to $267,004,440,000 it is flower. Split 50-50, that’s a world-changing profit for both our farming partners, their regions, and Swissx and its investors.

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